Our Kindergarten Program provides learning experiences that meet the developmental needs of all children. Children move through similar stages, but with their own pattern and at their own rate of development and learning. When children enter the Kindergarten Program there may be as much as a year's difference in age between the oldest and the youngest one-fifth of their lifetime!

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What Do Children Learn in Kindergarten?

Early childhood is a significant period in human development. It is the time when children begin to develop independence, initiative, decision-making, creativity, early literacy and numeral skills, the ability to relate to others, verbal communication skills, and feelings of self worth! What young children learn at this stage will have a major impact on successful learning experiences in school, on personal development and on future participation in society.

Young children begin all this important learning in a variety of environments - in their homes, in day care programs and in the community Children arrive in Kindergarten from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of experiences. In a Catholic School, children are affirmed and encouraged as they make their own journey toward God and greater participation in the Church.

Religious Education in Kindergarten

The Kindergarten religion program "In God's Image" consists of 8 modules containing 33 themes that can be sequenced by the teacher to best respond to the particular needs and interests of each class. The "Church Times"module is a sequential set of lessons that invite children to celebrate the Christian story as it unfolds through Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

"In God's Image" uses the existing special moments and experiences of young children and affirms their religious importance. Throughout the day, children are encourage to see "traces of God" in all of their experiences