Sports & Wellness Academy

St. Francis Xavier Sports & Wellness Academy

Welcome to St. Francis Xavier! The only elementary sports academy in Southern Alberta! Students in grades 4-6 enrolled in the St. FX Sports & Wellness Academy will receive an introduction and increased skill development in a multi-sport model. Students will have the opportunity to participate in various sports. They will also have a chance to experience a variety of fitness and sports options on explore days throughout the school year. Some of the exciting explore days we have tried and will continue to expand on are: golf, tennis, rock climbing, sledge hockey, fitness training, dance and many more!

Our Academy runs two afternoons every week, using facilities within the school, Medicine Hat College, Big Marble Go Centre, YMCA and numerous others within the Medicine Hat community. The Sports & Wellness Academy program aligns with the school's inclusive approach that welcomes all abilities to build on an increased focus on physical literacy and will be taught by teachers and community supports.

There is an additional programming fee of $50.00 per month to participate in the Sports & Wellness Academy that will pay to offset the costs to operate this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the sports academy?

There will be an additional field on your child's registration page to choose the Academy program.

Payment will be set up through School Cash Online

How much does it cost to register for the sports academy?

There is a $50 deposit fee due on June 1st payable on School Cash Online. You can choose to pay the onetime fee of $500 (due in August) or monthly fees which have to be set up through School Cash Online. Fees will be used for facility rentals, transportation, and equipment purchases.


**Please note, deposit and fees are non-refundable**

Why the addition of wellness to the sports academy?

This is simply an addition to an already successful sports academy. Keeping a healthy mind and body is the most important aspect of sport. We will be teaching students the importance of being their own health champion and show them ways to live, promote and grow as healthy athletes.

Who will be teaching the academy?

Two of our teachers will be assigned to our academy students during academy times (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons).  They will also utilize additional supports from the community to ensure a rich experience for our students.

Which sports will the academy focus on? Do they pick just one sport or do they do them all?

Students in grades 4-6 enrolled in the St. FX Sports & Wellness Academy will receive an introduction and increased skill development in all sports within our multi-sport model. Students do not choose one sport as their focus as all students experience the variety provided within the program. 

If my students registers in the sports academy will they still have gym time each day?

Yes, they will still have daily time in the gymnasium.

How do they have room in their time table to attend two afternoons of sports academy?

Students will now combine their Language Arts and Social Studies time in a Humanities class.  This is a model that many schools (including one Medicine Hat Catholic school) currently utilize.