St. FX Academy

Announcing the St. FX Sports Academy!

We are very pleased to announce that beginning in September 2019, students in Grade 4-6 at St. Francis Xavier School will have the option to enroll in a Sports Academy. Students will receive increased skill development in four sports: Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball and Basketball.

The Academy will run for two afternoons every week, using facilities at the school, Monsignor McCoy High School and in the Medicine Hat community. The optional Sports Academy program aligns with the school's shift to an increased focus on physical literacy and will be taught by teachers and community supports.

There is an additional programming fee of $50.00 per month to participate in the Sports Academy that will pay to offset the costs to operate this program.

In addition to the grades 4 - 6 Sports Academy, our entire school will now have a physical literacy focus.  We will strive to improve our physical wellness and academic achievement through a focus on developmentally appropriate physical activity and encouraging physical activity in all aspects of our school.

We are very excited about these new programs in our schools and look forward to the new opportunities they present to our students.

An information meeting will be held at St. Francis Xavier School, February 6, 2019 at 6 pm. Come find out about the program, register and have a school tour. Refreshments served.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the sports academy?

There will be an additional form included in your registration package to be filled out and returned to the school with the regular registration.

For new students, you'll need to fill out the Sports Academy Registration Form.

Direct Deposit Forms are available at the school.

How much does it cost to register for the sports academy?

There is a $50 clothing fee due at registration, and a onetime fee of $500 or monthly fee of $50, which can be automatically debited from your account. Fees will be used for facility rentals, transportation, and equipment purchases.

Who will be teaching the academy?

One of our teachers will be assigned to our academy students during academy times (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons).  They will also utilize additional supports from the community to ensure a rich experience for our students.

Which sports will the academy focus on? Do they pick just one sport or do they do them all?

The St. FX Sports Academy will focus on four sports throughout the year: Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, and Basketball.  There will also be additional sport experiences throughout the year that will let the students explore more opportunities.  Students will participate in all four sports and do not pick one individual sport to focus on.

My student is not interested in the sports academy. What will they be doing those two afternoons a week?

Students who do not register for the sports academy will become part of the Excellence program where they will be provided with regular gym time, enrichment activities in both numeracy and literacy, and an hour a week to work on extra projects such as robotics, computer programming, passion projects, etc.

If my students registers in the sports academy will they still have gym time each day?

Yes, they will still have daily time in the gymnasium.

How do they have room in their time table to attend two afternoons of sports academy?

Students will now combine their Language art and Social Studies time in a Humanities class.  This is a model that many schools (including one Medicine Hat Catholic school) currently utilize.