Why Choose a Catholic School

Why Choose a Catholic School?

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION - Showing the Face of Christ to All -

The Mandate of Medicine Hat Catholic Separate Regional Division NO. 20 is to "Show the Face of Christ to All". All of our endeavors are directed towards the proclamation of the gospel of Christ and His invitation to the fullness of life. Jesus is the reason for our schools. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in our classes. He is the model for our staff and the inspiration of our students. This mandate if reflected in our Three Year Education Plan, whose first goal states:

The Division will ensure the integrity and enhancement of Catholic Education, which for us has these fundamental components: Community, Spirituality, Sacramentality, Tradition, Hospitality, Rationality, Justice and Compassion.

Catholic Education embraces faith and learning. We seek to breathe the teachings and visions of Jesus into our schools, to bring together a rich diversity of students and staff who share together their spiritual journey. Catholic Education permeates our school buildings; what is taught and what is lived.

"Catholic schools bear a great heritage of culture, of pedagogical wisdom, of attention of the character of children, adolescents and young people, of mutual support for their families, of the ability to anticipate with the insight that stems from love, the new needs and problems that arise with the changing times"(Pope John Paul II).

The Vatican II document Gravissimum Educationis provides a clear expression of the nature of a Catholic school: The Catholic school pursues cultural goals and the natural development of youth to the same degree as any other school. What makes the Catholic school distinctive is its attempt to generate a community climate in the school that is permeated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and love. It tries to guide the adolescents in such a way that personality development goes hand in hand with the development of the 'new creature' that each one has become through baptism. It tries to relate all of human culture to the good news of salvation so that the light of faith will illumine everything that the students will gradually come to know about the world, about life, and about the human person.

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