Early Learning & Kindergarten Registration

Welcome little ones!

Medicine Hat Catholic Early Learning Programs Welcome all children and their families to come learn, play and grow in our faith with qualified & experienced staff. 

Early Learning Program

Our Early Learning programs are faith-based supportive environments for children and parents; offering a safe and secure setting for children to develop independence, initiative, early literacy and to develop socially. Play is the work of young children, and through a play-based curriculum, Parents and Educators facilitate social, cognitive, physical and spiritual growth.

We are pleased to offer interactive and engaging activities to meet the needs of children in regular programming and to accommodate children with special learning needs.

Early Learning Programs are offered in each of our 6 elementary Schools including Monday to Friday, Morning and Afternoon. Full Day Programming is available for pre-school aged children (3 – 5); children can attend a combination of a ½ day Early Learning Program and ½ day Kindergarten in the same school day.

Age Eligibility:

Children ages 3-5 (as of September 1st). Programming for children with special needs starts at age 2 1/2.

A Day in Early Learning:

  • Sensory Play & Exploration
  • Social Play "Learn to make a friend"
  • Literacy & Numeracy
  • Dramatic Play
  • Build & Create
  • Outdoor & Physical Play

A Day With Early Learning

Children Learn Through Play!

  • Social-Emotional Learning- Learning to interact with others and to self-regulate.
  • Cognitive Development- Learning to reflect, problem solve and imagine.
  • Language Development & Literacy- Learning to communicate & develop emergent literacy skills such as listening, speaking and story-telling.

Kindergarten Program

Medicine Hat Catholic Schools warmly welcome children from all faiths and from neighboring communities to our schools. Catholic Schools are a publicly funded, vibrant part of the public education system in Alberta. Come experience Catholic Schools. All are Welcome!

Kindergarten Programs are offered in English and French Immersion by for children starting at age 5 years old on or before March 1st. 

Age Eligibility:
  • A child who turns 5 years of age on or before March 1, 2019 can start Kindergarten in the Fall of 2018. Kindergarten is an optional program.
  • A child who turns 6 years of age on or before March 1, 2019 can start Grade One in the Fall of 2018.
What will Your Child Learn in Kindergarten?

Your child will interact, imagine, experiment and explore to add to their knowledge, learn new skills and practice what they’ve learned.

  • Early Literacy- A is for apple. Your child will begin to understand that letters have sounds and that together those sounds form words and carry meaning.
  • Early Numeracy- Learning numbers and solving problems with patterns. Your child will represent and describe quantities of things up to 10.
  • Citizenship & Identity- I am unique and I belong! Your child will develop a strong sense of identity, self-esteem and belonging by exploring their environment and sharing stories.
  • Environment & Community Awareness- What do I see, smell and hear in my community? How do I shape the environment? Kindergarten children explore materials, build structures and use technology to explore, investigate and describe their world.
  • Personal & Social Responsibility- I know how to act and how to work and play with others. Kindergarten children develop ways to express their feelings positively and to show respect and care for others.

  • Physical Skills & Well-Being- A healthy body is part of a healthy life. Your child will begin to develop a love for physical activity through movement, games and activities.

  • Creative Expression- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  Drama, art, music and dance give your child ways to express their ideas and feelings, to bring their imagination to life and to see their creativity in a variety of forms.

The learning expectations of the kindergarten program are adapted and modified to meet the needs of each child.

How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten
  • Talk often about kindergarten and reassure your child that it will be an exciting experience
  • Attend the kindergarten open house in the spring and find out when your child can meet his/her teacher. Arrange a tour of the classroom before school begins in the fall.
  • Take a picture of your child’s classroom and teacher in the spring before kindergarten starts.
  • Help your child develop a sense of responsibility. Encourage your child to look after his/her belongings.
  • Read with your child daily and have conversations about the books you are reading.
  • Provide opportunities for your child to interact with other children to promote the development of social skills.
  • Encourage your child to know his/her personal information (ie. First and last name and phone number).
  • Play and pray together.

Eligibility for Early Learning & Kindergarten:

  • Early Learning Programs are available in each of our Elementary Schools for pre-school aged children ages 3-5 (as of September 1st). Programming for children with special needs starts at age 2 1/2. Contact our Early Childhood Services at 403.502.8356 for more information. Children can enter our Early Learning Programs anytime throughout the year.
  • A child who turns 5 years old on or before March 1st can attend kindergarten in the fall of that same calendar year. Kindergarten is an optional program, however, all children must start school if they are six years old as of September 1st.

Did you know? We offer English & French Immersion Programming for students K – 12. Call us at 403.527.2292 for more information.

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Come, Experience Catholic Schools. All are Welcome, Bievenue!